The 7 Hidden Reasons Your Employees Leave You

In The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave, employee-retention expert Leigh Branham discusses how companies can tackle employee disengagement and retain their best and brightest people. Nearly 90% of bosses think their employees quit to make more money. That means nearly 90% of bosses are wrong. Studies show these are the seven “real” reasons that retention isn’t better: Ask HR people their top issue these days, and it’s likely to be retention. That’s no surprise. The cost in dollars and disruption of replacing a trained employee is…


Why I think “#BellLetsTalk” is missing an important point about Mental Health

You may have seen memes of a lion or battle-hardened soldier with the words ‘The Problem With Being Strong Is That Nobody Bothers to Ask.’ I’ve asked I’ve talked. I’ve tried. But it seemed that nobody listened. It seemed that nobody wanted to hear.   I am a big man; I’ve lived a big life, and I come across as hard and strong. I’ve led soldiers and emergency responders and been extremely successful. Yet I have failed. Failed in relationships, struggled in business and made moral mistakes…


5 Steps To Keeping The Waters Calm When A New Boss Enters The Pool

... of all the things that can cause ripples in our ‘pond’ changing CEO’s should be considered the equivalent of doing a cannonball dive into the water ... A quick note from Steve: This article focuses on the new CEO or ED, but the discussion can apply to anyone taking on the role of 'New Boss.' Enjoy.   As leaders, we often consider changes within our organization that impact our culture or our progress towards successfully achieving or goals. The change could be a location change;…


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