Steve Armstrong:

Author, Speaker, & Leadership Expert

 From the Arctic to the European countryside, from Asia to Africa, Steven Armstrong has seen and done it all as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces and the Red Cross. 

Now the leader of Paratus Education, he uses the skills he learned while leading complex strategic situations around the world to help others achieve their leadership goals and create long-lasting positive results.

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How Steve can help you be better 

Though many may say otherwise, the simple truth is this: nobody is born a natural leader. And even though you might be excellent at what you do, that doesn’t mean you can inspire others to do it well, too.

When stakes are high, you don’t need “business” leadership or empty talks full of platitudes. You need leadership solutions, experience, and a trusted guide who can show you how to make a real difference in people’s lives. Steve’s lessons, gathered from a lifetime of field experience and steadfast personal values, deliver all of that in a down-to-earth way, giving you and your leadership team the skills that will inspire your organization to thrive.

Steve’s commitment to you

No matter your industry, size, or location, Steve will help you create a better organization by providing uniquely customized solutions to your specific situation.

With a relevant and practical approach honed through decades of leading teams around the world, he will help quickly assess your organization’s health, boost team morale, and increase your competitive advantage – all with a unique process that ensures the long-term establishment of a better organization.