There is no turning back – A model for going forward

It has become a worn out & tiresome phrase that we are living in unprecedented times and that our lives and businesses have forever changed. One thing is for sure, it is mathematically impossible to stay ahead of what is happening. You will never be able to email your way out of this. Read about crisis communications This is why you need to pull together a multi-disciplinary team – A recovery team - to manage your organization’s way out of this by focusing on your corporate…


4 Things You Need To Do Before The Next Crisis “Nobody Saw Coming”

As we navigate one of the biggest global crises many of us will ever experience in our lifetime, people around the world are in a state of what's known as crisis management. While managing crises seems like an effective solution, it just means we're in a constant state of doing the bare minimum to keep our head above water. Of course, some crises are out of our control. But what we DO have control over is taking steps to be prepared (physically, mentally, financially, emotionally, and…


4 Ways Forward When There is No Map

​ The coronavirus pandemic has generated tremendous uncertainty for businesses. But while the scale of the crisis is new, uncertainty itself is not—it's a natural condition of doing business, and numerous tools exist to quantify and mitigate it.  Most strategies rely on accumulated knowledge from the past—there's a precedent on which to make sense of unknowns. COVID-19 breaks all that. There is no precedent for how to respond to this moment, much less steer ahead.  The biggest challenge to businesses right now isn't uncertainty, but ambiguity—a condition…

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