Motivation Sins: Get Off Of The Naughty Boss List

Who do you look to for motivation? For many of us, it's our leaders we go to when we need that push to get things done. If you're the leader, how motivated (or not) your team is, can come down to how you lead. Motivation Sins So ask yourself: are you guilty of these motivational sins? 1. Supervising by merely giving orders, especially in the form of emails Remember: Positive personal and human contact raises morale. Lack of personal contact with employees will put you out…


8 Actions To Assess and Lead An Inherited Team

You would have thought I would have been smarter! I was hired as the Chief Administrative Offer for a small town in Canada’s arctic. During the hiring process, I specifically asked about labour relations and organizational health & culture. “Don’t worry,” I was assured, “we have a great team.” Read about a new boss as an organizational change I should have recognized the lie and I later found out I was hired to solve problems. The organization was top-heavy with 7 Directors for a team of…


Improve Your Conversations By Not Talking – 3 Tips You Can Start Using Today

I recently read a terrific article on by Lydia Dishman. She writes we all probably talk too much. She notes humans, being social animals, use communication to survive and thrive. This would not be a problem except for the fact 60% of our conversation is spent talking about ourselves. Sadly, few of us are interesting enough to keep others that engaged 60% of the time. How Do we: Keep people engaged? Get the information we need out of them? Get our message across? ... By…


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