Leader’s Brief: Your HR Team Might Think Your Leadership Competencies Suck – 3 Actions To Fix That

I have seen a theme across clients and potential clients with whom I speak. It is the same problem regardless if they are a team of 100, 1,000 or 10,000 people. As they have grown, their Leaders and leadership competencies have not kept pace with the organization’s growth, and they ask: I don’t think my organization has the leaders required to be successful? Why am I not getting an ROI on investments in leadership development? My direct reports hit their objectives, but the whole organization is not…

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Humble, Hungry, and Smart – Get Your Hiring Interview Guide

We often talk about whether someone is a team player. In interviews, performance reviews, or while sharing feedback, everyone agrees that being a team player is extremely desirable in an employee (or a potential hire). Despite widespread usage of the phrase and agreement on its importance, great team players are rather rare. Why is that so? Perhaps that has something to do with the fact that although we all have our own notions of what team players are like, we lack a formal, practical framework to…


Can You Name the 9 Essential Qualities of a Leader?

There are many schools of thought about the role of a leader. What are the essential qualities of a leader? What are the must-haves? Well, I have three distinct opinions. What makes a great leader? A leader taps into their team’s talents to achieve results. A leader’s role is not to engage their team; it is to achieve their mission by motivating and inspiring their people. A leader does not run a country club; they lead people to achieve something bigger than they could ever achieve…

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