Increase Your Emotional Intelligence To Be a Better Leader

Want to become a stronger leader? It starts with you. More specifically, it starts by improving your emotional intelligence. Despite some of my reactions, I am quite self-aware…I have a very high emotional intelligence AND I have a temper! In many blogs, I've talked about times I blew my top. I admit I've been an ass. The people around me deserved much more and much better. The weird thing is I know that. I know when it's happening. And I know I should never have put…


There is no turning back – A model for going forward

It has become a worn out & tiresome phrase that we are living in unprecedented times and that our lives and businesses have forever changed. One thing is for sure, it is mathematically impossible to stay ahead of what is happening. You will never be able to email your way out of this. Read about crisis communications This is why you need to pull together a multi-disciplinary team – A recovery team - to manage your organization’s way out of this by focusing on your corporate…


Be The CRO – 2 Ways to Communicate with Clarity

Much of success in business relies on getting everyone on the same page. And inevitably someone has to choose to lead the charge in getting clarity.  In the Army, we reviewed ‘comms’ (communications) procedures during pre-mission briefings to ensure that everyone would be on the “same frequency.” In this case, gaining clarity could mean the difference between life and death. In team sports like football and baseball, we see players and coaches using all sorts of signals and methods to achieve communications clarity to have precise…


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