BellLet’s Talk Guest Post — COVID Life: What It Means to Be “Stuck Inside”

I am quite privileged to have a wonderful cadre of brilliant, smart & intelligent friends who surround me. One of which is Carrie Goar. You can learn more about Carrie here: Click here to access the original article Hey, how’s it going over there? Me? Well, we just survived a March that felt 124 days long and I have yet to wrap my arms around what a “successful” day feels like. Socially isolating alone with two 9-year olds is kicking my ass. So far so…

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Why You Are Preventing Your Own Success? – In 2022 Get Out of Your Own Way

When coaching a recent client, she asked, “What is the one roadblock do you think I will encounter when improving the culture of leadership in my company? I responded, “You.” My client is bright, intelligent, and successful, yet she could not break free to the next level in his business. Quite frankly, she was her own worse enemy. My client: always wanted to know what’s going on with every initiative and project tried to be personally acquainted with all the customers wanted to master all the…


Every Day – Great Leaders Understand Small Gestures

This past summer, I was in Victoria, BC, for a few glorious warm sun, beautiful seas with family, and doing good business with great people. I posted a silly picture of a minor tourist attraction, and to my surprise, I received a Fb message for a soldier of mine who became a good friend of the family who had recently been posted to the Naval Base there. We quickly arranged an impromptu reunion over a coffee. It was an added bonus to see this guy after…