How To Stop a Work Culture of Harassment (Part 1 of 3)

This article was originally published on October 12, 2017, and has been updated. Odds are, you will never know there is a predator in your midst…I didn’t. One of my direct reports was a bully, and I completely missed what was going on. As a leader, it was my responsibility to create a work culture where employees felt they could come forward so harassment could be dealt with immediately. I felt awful, because the team he led was made up of some of my longest serving…


3 Actions To Avoid Hiring a Bad Leader

We all know that it’s important to hire good leaders, but what happens when you make a poor leadership hiring decision? Consider the effects of hiring a bad leader. 1. Firing leaders cost big bucks - The costs of executive level employees range up to three times that person’s yearly salary. Would you rather spend a couple of grand on a selection process or lose hundreds of thousands of dollars when your decision doesn’t work out? 2. Team performance tanks - Employee productivity suffers under poor…


13 Actions to Stay Human and Not Be a Creepy Boss in a #MeToo World

*Warning: This blog contains a non-graphic discussion of sexual violence* FYI the post is 1,200 words and contains an invitation to a webinar on the subject   You may recall a series of posts and white-paper I published titled ‘How to Stop a Culture of Harassment Dead in Its Tracks.’ The article continues below This white paper will walk you through the issues and fixes to make sure you provide the safest possible workplace for all of your people. Success! Now check your email for your…


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