Invest in Your Team’s Success

If the problems with leadership go beyond a single person, it’s time to ask: how can I make the entire team Better?

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Who Is It For?

Organizational consulting is for groups who are experiencing a breakdown in accountability, leadership, focus, and vision. When priorities are out of sync, there is no direction, and there is no clear leadership structure to follow up, poor results and performances are sure to follow.

Find and fix the problems at the core with this course, and create authentic, trusted leaders who can confidently move the whole organization forward.

How It Works

Organizational Consulting is usually broken up into three phases, depending on the specifics of the client.

    1. In Phase 1, Steve will walk your organization through an initial discovery process, filtering everything through his unique lens of strategy and experience. If the situation is applicable and the issues are treatable, a tentative way forward will be mapped out. This generally involves several conversations over a few weeks.

      Cost: $5,000, which is applied to Phase 2 if we continue

    2. In Phase 2, Steve works with your team to identify and diagnose the underlying issues in your organization. Through surveys, interviews, analysis, and a look at control and decision-making structures, he will give trusted, honest, and practical advice about your situation and how to address it. This phase is estimated at 2-3 months, with a final written report at the end of that time laying out how to implement Steve’s recommendations.

      Cost: Between $10,000 – $30,000


  1. Phase 3 is rarely needed, as it means there is a severe problem within your organization that requires a potential overhaul and intensive coaching. At this stage, Steve works with you to clarify leadership roles, enhance manager accountability, establish clear project tools, and constantly coach the team in order to re-establish a functioning culture of leadership. This phase can last 6-8 months.

    Cost: $5,000/month


What You Will Learn

Organizational consulting gives your leadership team confidence and accountability while teaching them applicable lessons for your business.

Rather than developing a single leader to inspire the rest, it gets the whole team functioning cohesively to create permanent, positive change.

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