I participated in racism because I didn’t say anything. How you can be courageous enough to say something.

Before you read the article below, I wanted to frame the post with this personal note: Many know I served as an infantryman in the Canadian Army. Years ago, on a training exercise, we had soldiers from another unit attached to us, one of which was an Inuit from Nunavik (Northern Quebec). His section commander seemed like a good soldier and appeared to be very good at his job, but to be clear, he was a terrible human being and a racist Why? Several times I…


3 Action To Not Kill Vulnerability On Your team

You’ve likely heard all about the importance of vulnerability in being a leader.   Vulnerability is the ability to acknowledge a mistake, to admit a weakness, to ask for help when you need it, even to put a crazy idea out there. Most importantly you need to know that you can be vulnerable without fear of judgment.   Vulnerability is a crucial ingredient to allowing teams to perform at an epic level.  Most leaders say that they want a high level of openness and honesty on their teams, yet…


5 reasons you need to improve your Leadership Skills

When a new leader begins their role they often get a surprise. They’re shocked at the time it takes to manage personal and professional relationships at work. Their success can come down to seeing the warning signs and having the skills to deal with them. Until you’ve actually been a leader, it’s tricky to develop the specific leadership skills and qualities you need to be effective. To help you get there faster, here are five signs your leadership skills could use some work—and what you can…

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