9 Questions To Evaluate Your Organization’s Readiness For Change

You’re a senior leader in an age of unrelenting change.

And you know your organization needs to undergo a major change to remain profitable and viable.

You’ve committed significant organizational power to prepare for the change. You are there and ready, but is your team?

Watch the video about why your team is scared stupid about change.

How Can You Assess Readiness for Change?

Leaders underestimate the effort it will take to implement and sustain organizational change and the operational and people issues that can derail any change.

They are so caught up in keeping the business operational and profitable that they fail to take the time to sufficiently plan change.

Is My Organization Ready for Change?

You must get answers to the following three questions:

1. How ready are the leaders in my company for the change?

Are your direct reports truly committed to supporting this change or are they just giving lip service?

How your managers feel about the proposed changes as change efforts stall at lower management levels in the organization. Can you answer the following questions?

  • Are your direct reports effective sponsors for this change?
  • Do managers in your organization communicate effectively with their team members?
  • Which managers will be major obstacles to implementing this change?

You may be surprised to learn how much work your managers need before you begin an organizational change and that some restructuring may be necessary.

2. How ready is my organization for this change?

Even though you have the support of enough critical stakeholders to make a meaningful organizational change. You may not get the change outcomes that you need because your company is not ready for change because of its various policies, practices, and working culture.

You will need to determine how ready your organization is for change are the following:

  • Does your organization measures business performance?
  • Does this change effort support the whole organization?
  • Does your organizational culture reward or punish innovation, taking risks, and solving problems?

You’ll want to look at your existing processes, employees, and suppliers and assess whether they are ready for the change you need to make.

3. How ready are my employees for this organizational change?

Employees are critical to the successful implementation of any change effort. When employees are not ready for change and are forced to do so by management, they will resist.

This resistance can range from indifference (loss of interest in their work), to passive (doing only what they are told to do), and to active (sabotaging the effort with deliberate errors or by slowing down).

To minimize employee resistance, you will need to determine how ready your employees are for change by asking:

      • Do your employees understand your customers’ needs?
      • What is the state of employee morale in the organization?
      • Do your employees feel personally responsible for their success in the organization?

 Download Your 9 Question Readiness Assessment by Clicking Here

By assessing the readiness of your managers, organization, and your employees before launching a change, you will have a realistic overview of what is needed to implement successful organizational change.

And you’ll understand the sustained time and commitment needed to undertake a meaningful organizational change in your company.