The 7 Hidden Reasons Your Employees Leave You

In The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave, employee-retention expert Leigh Branham discusses how companies can tackle employee disengagement and retain their best and brightest people. Nearly 90% of bosses think their employees quit to make more money. That means nearly 90% of bosses are wrong. Studies show these are the seven “real” reasons that retention isn’t better: Ask HR people their top issue these days, and it’s likely to be retention. That’s no surprise. The cost in dollars and disruption of replacing a trained employee is…


8 Tips On How You Can Avoid My 4:00AM Regrets

You are not your 2 am conversations; not your 3 am nightmares; not your 4 am regrets - Mark Dimaisip I don’t mind telling you that business could always be better. Or that, I miss the energies created by surrounding myself with a powerful team. Or that, I am often awake at 4:00. So maybe that is why Mark Dimaisip’s poem resonated with me, as did the Hidden Brain podcast episode on regret. Everyone has regrets. Some say, regret is the most common emotion. Amy Summerville,…


Here Are 6 Reasons Not to Hire Me – Or Anyone – As Your Executive Coach

It is true that an executive coach will make you work harder and progress much faster than you would you tried to do it all on your own. Sometimes hiring a business coach might not be right for you. A coach can give you the tools and perspective to grow your leadership effectiveness, but it doesn’t mean you should hire one. Here are 6 reasons not to hire me as your executive coach: 1. You don’t want to go outside your comfort zone If you’re the…


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