Your Investment & ROI

Whether you are interested in speaking, coaching or consulting Steve has a range of engagement levels.

And he has the flexibility to collaborate on any investment level you have within your budget.

I can help you decide on where is best to spend your money, either with me or with someone else.

Yes, we believe the fee to have Steve speak to your group is an investment in the success of your event, your employees, and, ultimately, your business. When you book Steve, you’re not just getting an hour. You’re getting the product of Steve’s years of accumulated experience and research, plus the potential long-term benefits to your organization for the entire day.

Fees: Steve charges a flat day rate of $7,500.

My clients find this arrangement to the best value as it includes any combination of a 45-90 Minute Keynote, Half-day interactive workshop(s), or strategy sessions.

How We Bill Travel Expenses – We don’t. Steve’s flat rate covers all travel expenses (meals, parking, and ground transportation. (Note: The client normally covers venue accommodations).

In this exciting new coaching program, your tuition includes:

  • Safety & Confidentiality
  • Three months of Coaching to provide time to benefit
  • Two one-on-one coaching calls each month to help ensure you are on track
  • Six 60 minute calls to go deep into what’s on your mind
  • Unlimited Email access
  • A copy of Steve’s Book: You Can’t Lead From Behind

Bottom Line Results: The results to be expected from this program are that you will move your business forward consistently with Steve – who knows what works and what doesn’t – by your side.

Investment: $1,500

If you’ve been thinking about moving your career to the next level, act now. You will be investing in your future.

Of course, there are many variables as there are clients, but normally it is a 3 part of engagement:

Phase 1, Steve walks the client through a discovery process where we talk about the situation, the issues, whether there is a fit, and he can help you and map out the process.

This process could take several conversations over a few weeks.

This has a value of $5,000, which is credited to Phase 2 if we choose to work together 

Phase 2 is where we identify & diagnose what was really going on through surveying & interview employees & managers and reviewing the organizational structure, the span of control & decision-making structures.

This process can take 2-3 months, at the end of which you will receive a written report that will map out how to address and implement the recommendations.

This investment has a value of $25,000

Phase 3, most people do not have the capacity or competencies to fix what ails them.

If they did, we wouldn’t have ended up here having this conversation.

I work with you to clarify leadership roles, hold managers accountable, establish clear project tools, and coach the leadership team to re-establish a leadership culture.

This is usually a 6 – 8-month engagement.

My team coaching rates are a $5,000 monthly investment.

Cash, preferably small, unmarked bills. We’re kidding, of course… we also accept BitCoin and bullion!

OK, so here’s the real deal:

  • Speaking engagements:
    • With few exceptions, we require a deposit equal to 50% of the total fee.
    • We do kindly ask that balance payment be paid on the day of the presentation.
  • 1-On-1 Coaching
    • With few exceptions, we require the total fee in advance
  • Organizational Consulting (Phase 1)
    • We do kindly ask that balance payment be paid on the day of the presentation.
  • Organizational Consulting (Phase 2)
    • we require a deposit equal to 50% of the total fee on the execution of our engagement contract
    • We do kindly ask that balance payment be paid on receipt of the final report
  • Organizational Coaching (Phase 3)
    • Due and Payable on the first day of each month of the engagement

We totally understand that some organizations may be unable to do this, but we ask (nicely) that you try to accommodate our request.

If you engage Steve based on a full day rate and basis

  1. Save the cost of bringing in another speaker (and their travel expenses) while adding incredible value to your event ask Steve to Stay for an additional day at a reduced rate.
  1. If you are serious about making a long-term investment in your culture, then purchase a copy of one of Steve’s books. A book greatly increases the likelihood that ideas are implemented and that real change happens. They also make fabulous thank you gifts and event mementos.
  1. Have Steve do an additional presentation in your community to a volunteer organization or sponsor on the same day as your event.
  1. Set aside a block of time where Steve can do one-on-one coaching with participants.
  1. Have Steve sit on a panel discussion or moderate a panel discussion on a work-related theme.
  1. Have Steve sign copies of his books at your trade show as a draw to a sponsor’s booth.


He knows you are in the business of providing a high-level educational value for your attendees and knows you are managing a complex budget.

Steve is happy to have a conversation that respects both you & your budget and his fee integrity

All it takes is a conversation.

Please note that I didn’t say UNPROFITABLE!

I understand. I’ve been a senior executive, Board member & volunteer in the NGO / Non-Profit / Charitable sector, so I get it.

There are ways I can help such as cheque/receipt exchanges and other solutions.

Give me a call and we can talk about this.

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