Who do your people really Trust to Lead?

Trust is a funny and fleeting thing. It is the cornerstone of all relationships. The shocking thing is that trust, more often than not, is based on the intangible.

I’ve seen it dozens of times. A new platoon commander takes charge and starts issuing instructions. The troops know the officer is in command. They have sworn an oath to obey his commands. They will look at and listen to him but will watch the warrant officer, the second in command, to see what he does. Why? The Warrant Officer is the experienced older soldier who they know; the new commander hasn’t demonstrated trustworthiness.

Want to know who on your team holds the most trust? Find who they turn to when something contentious comes up.

Trust is an honour given. A leader will never be successful without the trust of her team.  Your people do not expect the unvarnished un-editorialized truth from you. But, it’s easy to smell a rat and spot a lie.

There is an unvoiced expectation that you, as their leader, will demonstrate your trustworthiness every moment, every day.