What is stopping your leadership development program!

What is stopping your leadership development program!

‘Time is the only finite resource.’

Simon Sinek (https://www.startwithwhy.com/)leadership clock

 ‘Many people are silently begging to be led.’

Jay Abraham (http://www.abraham.com/)


I had a friend ask me what I have learned since venturing out on this the next leg of my career and life. Two things come to mind:

  1. The desire and the need for leadership development are HUGE!


  1. Time is the only finite stumbling block for advancing leadership development; resources and commitment are only excuses for not doing it.

Tips for leaders determined to overcome obstacles to leadership development

  • If time is the issue: (read more about spending time with the right people)
    • Add personal and organizational development objectives to the annual performance goals
    • Add periodic review of progress to your calendar.
    • Add talent-development goals to the leadership meeting agendas.
    • Make to coach and counsel those who are struggling to develop their staff.
  • If size and money are primary obstacles: (read more about your High-Performance people)
    • Ask whether assignments are handed out, and resources are allocated with leadership development in mind.
    • Explicitly factoring leadership development objectives into work assignments sends a powerful message
    • On-the-job learning is a powerful driver of leadership development
  • If lack of commitment from the top is the primary obstacle: (read more on getting results)
    • Put leadership development on the front burner when senior leaders meet.
    • Senior Leaders who persistently raise the issue and link leadership development to long-term strategy signal their engagement and set priorities for the rest of the team.
    • Add leadership development to the board agenda at least once a year.

I know that commitment isn’t the issue with you, so if I can take money and time off of the table would you say yes to a leadership development program for your people!


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