Get 5 Leadership lessons from the Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny & Spring Cleaning

I recently did a Google search for the words spring-cleaning and leadership and in a nanosecond had 11-million hits.

I suppose that means that people are thinking about spring-like activities of cleaning up & out and renewal.

But, I suspect that people are looking for a quick fix for their leadership woes and, simply put, quick fixes seldom fix anything.

Leadership problems are systemic, deep-rooted and if untreated they can turn cancerous to the entire organization.

So instead of spring-cleaning do the hard work involved with being a leader and do it all the time. Be more like the Easter Bunny:

  • He doesn’t have the star power or celebrity status that Santa has
  • He doesn’t have Santa’s publicist team that that can spin an absent Christmas present into blaming the customer by convincing everyone that they must have been naughty
  • He doesn’t have Santa’s team of elves working nonstop generating product
  • He doesn’t have Santa’s magical sleigh to allow him to be everywhere all of the time.

 Five Lessons:

… But he does have millions of people relying on him. Follow these five lessons from the Easter Bunny to improve your Leadership performance:

  1. Don’t rely on star-power to be a leader. Simply and quietly go about your business. Walking the walk is infinitely more impactful leadership system than talking the talk
  1. Don’t spin anything, if someone has been ‘naughty’ treat him or her like a pro and manage their performance
  1. Non-stop activity is exhausting for your entire team. Pick a product – in this case, painted eggs – and be great at producing it.
  1. Don’t magically appear and then disappear. Take time to walk around and talk to your people. Show up when things are busy; lend a hand to load a truck, anything to connect with your people.
  1. Make it fun. The Easter Bunny creates a competition where people have to search a bit and are rewarded when they achieve success!