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Is Your Team Ready For That Big Change – 9 Questions To Check

There is a proverb that teaches that it is both a curse and a blessing to live in interesting times.

Most of my clients are facing a change or a looming disruption much like the advent of autonomous and electric trucks facing the Motor Transportation Industry.

We, the leaders of organizations, invest inordinate amounts of time in looking over the horizon, divining the future and developing strategic plans to either protect and defend our organization; or, to prepare to exploit the disruption for growth and success.

Where leaders and their organizations fail is in preparing their people for the disruption and whatever the impact of that means to them, their career and their families and dinner-plates.

watch the article where I explore why people are afraid of change

Because the leadership has spent all that time thinking, considering, and envisaging the change, they feel like they are already living in that new place where cats sleep with dogs and it only rains at night and just enough to keep the golf course green.

Our employees only see the change in the area of old maps labelled ‘There Be Dragons’.

How prepared is your organization?

Click the image to download this 9-question assessment to see if you are ready to change ….

If you are not scoring 4’s and 5’s across the board, your big plans are at risk of being eaten by the dragon.

I have seen battles lost, money squandered and opportunities frittered away because we have not brought our people along.

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