7 Questions To Prevent Fear Of Leadership Failure

I am coaching a bright and shiny leader who came to me very upset and quite emotional. She has an excellent reputation for delivering results.

She was struggling with her current project. Her boss was starting to press her for deliverables.

She was working longer and longer hours without results.

What was going on? She asked.

“I am a good worker and leader, yet I am failing?”

We talked. I asked probing questions to allow her to take the emotion out of the situation and to allow her to shift focus from busy task-orientated work to actions that will move towards success.


Are you focusing on moving to success?

Fear of failure can often drive our actions. We work long hours, sacrifice personal time and put our heart and soul into what we’re trying to achieve, only to find that we’re spinning our wheels.

Most of us accomplish a list of tasks daily but have little to show for it. Success depends on you getting things done.

If you’re not moving closer to your goal achievement, you are not getting things done the right way.

7 Questions

Ask yourself the questions I gave my client:

      1. Did I provide the service my stakeholders deserve?
      2. Did I focus on the activities that allowed me to be the most productive and efficient I could be?
      3. Did I reduce or eliminate distractions so I could focus on what gives the best chance of success?
      4. Did I make decisions that delivered the best results for all involved?
      5. Did I act with integrity in my personal and professional relations?
      6. Were my thoughts and actions focused on accomplishing my goals?
      7. I did not make excuses to let myself off the hook.

Get a coach or a mentor.

Did you answer ‘no’ to any of these questions?

Do you know how to change those no’s to yes?

Get a mentor or coaching to explore why and how you can improve future actions and achieve the desired results.


Because results are the only thing that matters!