Ambition, Power and Leadership Are Not Dirty Words

The two fundamental dimensions that distinguish people who rise to leadership and accomplish amazing things are:

1) the ambition to take on significant challenges and the skills; and,

2) the capabilities required to obtain the power to turn ambition into accomplishment.


Pursuit of Power

Some pursue power and influence for the sake of having power and influence. These people hope that once they get there, they’ll be able to do something with that power.

By contrast, some have a vision of a better world and are prepared to be ambitious enough to do what it takes to get there. They understand that it takes ‘ambition’ to want to gain power and influence to ‘lead’ towards your vision.


What Role Does Ambition

The word ambition means to have a desire to do or complete something.

In recent years, its meaning has taken on a negative connotation to describe those more interested in furthering their objectives than the group.

Every leader, whether they will admit it or not, is quietly ambitious.

Ambition is necessary for a great leader. For a leader to be great, they need to have a vision for others and themselves.


Great Leaders Are Ambitious

“Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings” – Salvador Dali.

Ambitious leaders desire increased influence and promotion in the organizational hierarchy.

Highly ambitious leaders strive towards challenging goals, achieving success for themselves and the organization.

They thrive in the face of challenges and tend to devote substantial effort and time towards work, making them good candidates to lead during times of crisis.

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Focus you ambition

The following steps can help you focus your ambition and achieve power and influence to achieve your goals:


Keep learning. The drive to better yourself is linked with an openness towards continual learning experiences.

Volunteer for initiatives at work. Start being recognized for your efforts and ambitious drive at work by volunteering for various initiatives.

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Challenge yourself. An excellent way to spark ambition is to challenge yourself to beat past standards you’ve set for yourself.