The 9 Essential Qualities of a Leader

The 9 Essential Qualities of a Leader

There are many schools of thought about the role of a Leader. But I have 3 distinct opinions:

  1. A leader taps into their team’s talents to achieve results.
  2. A leader’s role is not to engage their team; it is to achieving their mission by motivating and inspiring their people.
  3. A leader does not run a country club; they lead people to achieve something bigger than they could ever achieve as individuals.

How they best achieve their mission is best done through tapping into these 9 qualities:

  1. Be Creative

Creativity allows competency to move to excellence. It is the spark that captures peoples’ attention and builds a cohesive whole.

  1. Know the Structure

While we all work within parameters and limitations, a great leader knows how to not let structure slow process. By knowing the structure, you can guide others to effectively work within it.

  1. Use Your Intuition

Intuition is the cornerstone of emotional intelligence. Use your insight to sense what others are feeling and thinking so you can respond to them with understanding.

  1. Be Committed

A leader is committed to the success, can articulate that vision to the team and moves the team to the goal.

  1. Be Human

Employees value humble & selfless leaders who don’t hide behind authority. The best leaders are those who aren’t afraid to be themselves, they respect and connect with others and inspire loyalty.

  1. Be Versatile

Flexibility is an ability to be not overly attached to how things are ‘supposed to be’ and allows you to respond to events that will inevitably come up.

  1. Have Fun

A light touch and a laugh balances out the seriousness of the task at hand, the team’s resolve and contributes to results and retention.

  1. Discipline

Discipline is the ability to choose what one pays attention to and consistently model leadership.

  1. Focus

Do not take your eye off your objectives … a leader achieves results!

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