Be The CRO – 2 Ways to Communicate with Clarity

Much of success in business relies on getting everyone on the same page. And inevitably someone has to choose to lead the charge in getting clarity.  In the Army, we reviewed ‘comms’ (communications) procedures during pre-mission briefings to ensure that everyone would be on the “same frequency.” In this case, gaining clarity could mean the difference between life and death. In team sports like football and baseball, we see players and coaches using all sorts of signals and methods to achieve communications clarity to have precise…


Guest Post — COVID Life: What It Means to Be “Stuck Inside”

I am quite privileged to have a wonderful cadre of brilliant, smart & intelligent friends who surround me. One of which is Carrie Goar. Carrie & her cofounder Beth Thompson have founded a startup app called PwrSwitch. PwrSwitch is a SaaS app for those going through a high-conflict divorce or separation, that documents all your text, email and other communication with your soon-to-be-ex. As one family lawyer put it, “If it’s not evidence today, it will be 3 months from now. Documenting today is like insurance…

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The 7 Hidden Reasons Your Employees Leave You

In The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave, employee-retention expert Leigh Branham discusses how companies can tackle employee disengagement and retain their best and brightest people. Nearly 90% of bosses think their employees quit to make more money. That means nearly 90% of bosses are wrong. Studies show these are the seven “real” reasons that retention isn’t better: Ask HR people their top issue these days, and it’s likely to be retention. That’s no surprise. The cost in dollars and disruption of replacing a trained employee is…


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