Moral Courage: The Most Important Leadership Characteristic

I've been working with a group who are transitioning from follower to leader, and we talk a lot about the ‘attributes’ of a leader. The number one question that comes up is what characteristic makes a good leader? I tell them the answer is moral courage.  I have come to realize I was never as concerned about my boss’ technical expertise as I was with their moral courage, probity, and ethics. Coincidentally, Abacus Data shared the results of a poll examining Canadians opinions of the Leadership…

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The 7 Hidden Reasons Your Employees Leave You

In The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave, employee-retention expert Leigh Branham discusses how companies can tackle employee disengagement and retain their best and brightest people. Nearly 90% of bosses think their employees quit to make more money. That means nearly 90% of bosses are wrong. Studies show these are the seven “real” reasons that retention isn’t better: Ask HR people their top issue these days, and it’s likely to be retention. That’s no surprise. The cost in dollars and disruption of replacing a trained employee is…


Who needs a coach at work?

You have heard someone saying they needed a coffee. And really, tired or hungover who amongst us hasn't felt that they really needed a coffee In all honesty, we only want that coffee. We really don't 'need' it. Read why you shouldn't hire me as your coach The difference? If you need a coffee you only want it. But if you need a heart transplant, you need a heart transplant. Most of my perspective coaching clients receive coaching as a “want" not a "need”. The first…


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