Be The CRO – 2 Ways to Communicate with Clarity

Much of success in business relies on getting everyone on the same page. And inevitably someone has to choose to lead the charge in getting clarity.  In the Army, we reviewed ‘comms’ (communications) procedures during pre-mission briefings to ensure that everyone would be on the “same frequency.” In this case, gaining clarity could mean the difference between life and death. In team sports like football and baseball, we see players and coaches using all sorts of signals and methods to achieve communications clarity to have precise…


I wasted $20,000 – The 3 Questions you should asked before you waste money, time and people.

L’esprit de l’escalier: We have all been there. You are responding to a job interview question or having a spirited debate. When it is over, and you walk away, that is when you think that perfect response. And I mean perfect; the mother of all answers; and, proof of your wisdom and powerful intellect. Except, no one is there to hear you. The literal translation of L’esprit de l’escalier means “the spirit of the staircase.” The phrase is attributed to an 18th-century French philosopher who was…


9 Stupid Management Practices (and what to do instead)

Just because every organization uses these management practices, does not make them effective: To achieve management excellence, you need to avoid faulty management practices Managing individual behavior is the answer but it requires an understanding of the basic behavior-based principles that drive good performance Here are 13 of the most commonly used and misguided management practices and what to do instead. #1 Employee Of the Month: What’s wrong? A program meant to motivate all employees to deliver superior performance can only have one monthly winner. The…

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