Guest Post — COVID Life: What It Means to Be “Stuck Inside”

I am quite privileged to have a wonderful cadre of brilliant, smart & intelligent friends who surround me. One of which is Carrie Goar. Carrie & her cofounder Beth Thompson have founded a startup app called PwrSwitch. PwrSwitch is a SaaS app for those going through a high-conflict divorce or separation, that documents all your text, email and other communication with your soon-to-be-ex. As one family lawyer put it, “If it’s not evidence today, it will be 3 months from now. Documenting today is like insurance…

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Why I think “#BellLetsTalk” is missing an important point about Mental Health

You may have seen memes of a lion or battle-hardened soldier with the words ‘The Problem With Being Strong Is That Nobody Bothers to Ask.’ I’ve asked I’ve talked. I’ve tried. But it seemed that nobody listened. It seemed that nobody wanted to hear.   I am a big man; I’ve lived a big life, and I come across as hard and strong. I’ve led soldiers and emergency responders and been extremely successful. Yet I have failed. Failed in relationships, struggled in business and made moral mistakes…


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