Here is a Better Idea – The Better Leader Inner Circle

You launched your leadership career with vision, commitment, and determination.

And your ability to innovate, inspire, and create transformation for your team, clients and customers has powered your success so far.

So far… because you’re sure you could go further, faster if only you could . . .

Coaching and Tools to make YOU a Better Leader and Manager.

I want to offer you something special – the same coaching I provide to my high-paying private clients.

So, we invite you to join us in the Better Leader Inner Circle  – where I aim to give you the skills, attitudes and ideas to grow your business.

What's In It For Me?

LIVE Coaching

75-Minute Zoom session with Steve every month.

Proven Tools

Used by Steve and his clients to help you succeed.


Expand your tribe with a community of like-minded sales pros.


April 21st: Partnering With Your Boss                 

Learning Objectives:  

Introducing the ’First Team’ Model       

First Team Mindset  

Individual Activity     

Redo the Simpsons Myers Briggs based on your impression of your Boss     

5 Steps to a Better Relationship With Your Boss

Group Activity 1         

Exercise: How well do you partner with your Boss?

May: Your Role as a Manager     

June: Defining Leadership               

July: The Transition      

Aug: Communicating as a New Manager  

Sep: Partnering With Your Boss                 

Oct: Performance Planning     



Develop the skills to scale your team for maximum focus and impact.



Know when and how to hire ace employees who can take your vision and run—instead of complicating your work and maxing your overhead.



Develop the skills of leadership and influence necessary to motivate your team and excite your customers.



Build and execute winning strategies that focus your energies and sustain your momentum.



Get to the end of your bottomless inbox; clear your calendar of low-leverage meetings and calls; and finally, cross everything off your task list.


The question is this:

How can you upgrade your leadership when you’re already working at the edge of your abilities and your work seems to owns every spare minute of your life?


You can accelerate the learning curve starting right now with the expertise of a winning coach.

Contact Steve for a 15-minute conversation to see if there he is a fit for you.

Choose the plan that's best for you!


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