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  • Lead your team with confidence backed by battle-tested strategies.
  • Become a more effective leader.
  • Make decisions with clarity and certainty
  • Guide your team through new, uncertain challenges.
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8.5 out of 5!
I got 7 usefull tips that will help me in all of my future endevours and wrote everything done in my notebooks
Nicole San Gabriel​Mount Royal University
Steve is impressive. His has great knowledge on how to deal with stressful situations
karine PicardMD of Smoky River
After hearing Steve speak, I started weekly meetings with my direct reports – the outcomes have been very rewarding
Alicia AllimDevon Canada
Very blunt & straightforward balanced with humour – I quite enjoyed it
Rasheed ArunaCalgary COOP
Steve provides a great roadmap to what leaders need to be doing in teams and organizations
Rizwan KhanCodeco-Vanoco
Steve’s presentation allowed me to feel safe in my role as a leader
Name Withheld on Request
It was a great presentation. Steve is very charismatic and shows professionalism why sharing his experiences with us
Carla Michelle Silva De BritoLangara College
I wish we had more time with Steve
Amber WoodfordMcCrums Office Furniture

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5.0 out of 5 stars

Powerful book with simple steps to success as a leader!

Brilliant piece of work!

Steven Armstrong does an amazing job in this small but powerful book highlighting the fundamentals of strong leadership.

He delivers practical approaches to improving our effectiveness as leaders and demystifies leadership in the process.

Keith J. Johnston – Author of A Garage Full of Ferraris

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